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Zenith AERO: Driving Aero Transport in Yucatan


As a result of the global economic reactivation, and in particular, in the North and Central American regions, there has been a high demand for air transportation services, both for people and goods, seeking competitive prices and better coverage.

This growth also requires decentralization of air services and better direct connectivity between cities.

Given this growing demand, Zenith AERO has the vision of offering comprehensive aeronautical services for passengers and cargo, such as logistics services, aeronautical maintenance, last mile and ground support services.

To achieve this objective, Zenith AERO Group leads an ambitious investment project in the aeronautical services sector, in collaboration with its financial partner Avering & Partners; which have structured the financing of the project and assume the management of economic resources.

Avering participates in the project as a promoter and specialized advisor in structured finance, with the aim of accompanying Zenith AERO to structure the financing of the project.

One of the main objectives of the project is the launch of operations at the Chichen Itzá international airport, near the City of Mérida, in the state of Yucatán.

Zenith AERO leverages synergies with investment projects of the federal government and private companies such as: Felipe Ángeles Airport, Dos Bocas’s Refinery, The Interoceanic Corridor (Isthmus of “Tehuantepec”), The Maya Train, Tesla, Amazon, DHL, FeDex, “ASUR” Airport Group, “Centro Norte” Airport Group and Pacific Airport Group.

The initiative explores new opportunities in the export of consumer and industrial products from the Chichen Itzá airport to the North American, Caribbean and South American regions. In addition, it seeks to turn it into a strategic airport for the entry of transatlantic charter flights, which will be complemented by touristic air and land circuits, through Zenith AERO and its affiliated companies Zenith CARGO andZenith Travel and Services.

To achieve these goals, Avering & Partners has allocated an initial investment of 93 million dollars for Zenith AERO, 55 million for Zenith MRO,93 million for Zenith CARGO and$165 million for Zenith Travel and Services.

Avering & Partners, main shareholder of Zenith AERO Group, plans to generate economic and social synergies, with the rest of its international projects and programs, through the generation of new jobs, training programs, reactivation of unemployed professionals, collaboration with government authorities to improve the local economy and the opening of community centers for family welfare.

Zenith AERO Group will improve regional, national and international connectivity, and be an important economic detonator in a market today full of opportunities.

Project Webpage: zenith-aero.com

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