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JV With Pheidias To Launch Avering North America


Pheidias and Avering agreed to launch Avering North America as a joint venture from Vancouver, B.C. . This Joint Venture leverages synergies in the fields of architecture, technology, innovation, project finance, project planning and project management to deploy structured finance advisory services in Canada for the industries of agribusiness, mining, hospitality, real estate, tourism, logistics and transportation.

Founded in 1976 in Vancouver, Pheidias offers integrated services in the fields of architecture, planning and project management. Backed by robust analytical, research and marketing capabilities, Pheidias have delivered award-winning, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible projects to clients and communities across North America and beyond.

As a Swiss financial advisory firm specialized in Structured Finance transactions, Avering leverages the assets of its private, corporate, and governmental clients to finance sustainable projects with a social return.

Avering adds also to this joint venture its experience in technology and innovation industries, particularly in the field of Agribusiness, Banking, Logistics, Retail and Transport.

Our common challenge is to create an optimal project capital structure, allowing access to funding defined during the project planning, while maximizing the value of new assets and cash-flows to be generated.

Pheidias and Avering met each other in this joint venture by sharing common valuesindustries, experience and relationships and a clear commitment to assist North American investors, project sponsors and project developers to meet their financial requirements through structured finance advisory services.

Oberto Oberti (President of Pheidias Group)

Thanks to this joint venture, European, LATAM and Middle East Avering’s customers have a new Canadian Desktop opening direct access to investment opportunities and market development in Canadian territory through local projects and market entry advisory services.

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