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Avering advice on trade finance transactions along the entire lifecycle of a trade, generating investment opportunities for its customers by trading financial assets created by blocking the credit limits of trade finance operations or leveraging financial assets to back trading operations.

New Investment Opportunities

Financial Assets Trading

Credit Limit Blocking

Asset Backed Trading

our customers

Avering advises exportersimporterstradersinvestors, foundations and governments in order to boost their initiatives and trading operations by engineering trade finance transactions to maximize the value of their assets.

our transactions

Trade finance represents the financial instruments and products that are used by companies to facilitate international trade and commerce

LC’s & SBLCs

LC’s & SBLCs

LCs & SBLCs guarantee the bank’s payment to a seller if the buyer defaults on the agreement, like not completing constructions on time.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance (SCF) or trade receivables optimizes working capital stuck in global supply chains and provides liquidity to both buyers and sellers.

Commodity Finance

Commodity Finance

The bank blocks the borrower’s credit limits for financing commodity transactions, which can subsequently be traded in the market as trade finance assets.

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our services

Performing a personalized, confidential and independent service, we advise our clients to make the best decisions regarding the planning and management of their investments and projects, with the main objective of boosting growth and return on their initiatives by leveraging and maximizing the value of their assets.

Initial Diagnostic

We start supporting our customers through an initial diagnosis to see if they are in the position to carry out the structured finance process, analyzing the resources available, both financial and, human and technical.

Asset Valuation

Once completing the initial diagnosis, we proceed to determine the value of the assets identified as part of the structured finance process to understand their potential performance through due diligence or asset valuation.

Feasibility Analysis

Obviously, we should not take any step without performing the relevant economical-financial and tax analysis, determining the viability of the investment, the expected return on investment and the technical requirements for its implementation.

Strategic Planning

Along the process, we will have to review the strategic axes and define the business plan with which our customers will address the identified initiatives exploiting their strengths and the opportunities of the targeted investments.

Project Management

Depending on the maturity of the initiative and its potential performance, we get involved in the conceptualization, controlling and execution of the projects under an “Interim Management” model, in order to guarantee the return on investments of our customers.


As part of the transactions designed by Avering, we participate in the profits generated by the mediation in the trading of assets and commodities through leading financial institutions, international corporations and private banks operating in the secondary equity and debt markets.

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