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Avering accompanies entrepreneurs, investors and project sponsors who have shown a clear commitment to their initiatives through an initial diagnosis, supporting them in the process to address the review of their strategic plans for achieving the financial and economic objectives of their investment strategy.

Acting in the market as an independent advisory firm allows Avering to engineer tailored financial solutions without any economic pledges with third parties, guaranteeing the highest possible return on investment in a balanced way with the right level of assumed risk.

In this way, Avering carries out a personalized, confidential and reliable service, advising our customers to make the best decisions regarding the planning and management of their investments and their wealth, with the main objective to power the growth and the return of their investments.

our services

Avering’s structured finance advisory services and profits generated by the involvement of its financial partners will be negotiated as part of the commercial and/or equity joint venture agreements to sign at the delivery of the initial diagnostic.

Initial Diagnostic

Initial diagnosis to see if the investor or project sponsor is in the position to carry out the structured finance process, analyzing the resources available, both financial and, human and technical.

Asset Valuation

Value determination of the assets identified as part of the structured finance process, in order to understand its potential performance through due diligence or asset valuation.

Feasibility Analysis

Performance of the relevant economic-financial analysis, determining the viability of the investment, the expected return on investment and the technical requirements for its implementation.

Strategic Planning

Review of the strategic axes of the business plan with which investors will address their initiatives and projects, exploiting their strengths and the opportunities of the targeted investments.

Project Management

Involvement of Avering’s Team in the conceptualization, controlling and execution of the projects under an “Interim Management” model, in order to guarantee the return on investments.


Mediation in the trading of assets and commodities through leading financial institutions, international corporations and private banks operating in the secondary equity and debt markets.

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our portfolio of investors and projects

Avering works in partnership with investors and project sponsors seeking trusting relationshipscomprehensive adviceshared values and the opportunity to maximize the value of their assets.

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