Iklik is a tech venture sponsored by RedLabs and fundraised by Avering positioned to become a force in the market of disruptive technologies to transform how Lifestyle industry develops new revenue streams by digitalizing consumer experiences and maximizing operational efficiency.

Iklik is a video-through shopping SaaS platform that streamlines distributed video-based product placement campaigns and automates multi-party conciliation processes in order to maximize conversion ratios and online sales while guaranteeing real-time micro-monetization and end-to-end traceability along the product placement supply chain as well.

Our product strategy to maximize the ROI of eCommerce strategies and be able to compete with global big e-Retailers are based on this 6 foundations:

  1. Attract, retain and engage consumers in order to generate recursive sales and consolidated insights to optimize campaigns.
  2. Streamline video-trough shopping experience in order to maximize conversion rates and minimize CPA to guarantee campaigns ROI.
  3. Reshape product placement advertisement model shifting the chain value control to Brands and Retailers.
  4. Improve advertiser’s interaction with the media supply chain in order to get the most out of budget for quality and validity in advertising.
  5. Automate contracting, prizing promotion and conciliation to protect brands interests guaranteeing multi-party real-time monetizing.
  6. Develop a Lifestyle crypto-economy ecosystem that facilitates trustless, increase efficiency and guarantees liquidity to the parties.

To achieve our vision and our product strategy, we have conceived the following modules:

  1. Iklik Studio: Iklik Studio is a professional and full responsive portal for automating product placement video campaigns: from the brand strategy definition till the hotspot linking over the video, including campaign scheduling, as well as product information synchronization and consumer interactions monitoring, with an outstanding video catalogue management.
  2. Iklik Video Player: Iklik HTML5 interactive Video Player combines a global video delivery platform, a bandwidth optimized playback, a customizable interface, streamlined hotspots linking controls, social features and buyer’s interaction traceability for analytics in order to guarantee the best possible multi-device video shopping experience.
  3. Iklik Mobile App: Iklik Mobile App is an outstanding mobile channel to bring the audience to videos delivered by Iklik Studio, providing an addictive video shopping experience and social features, as well as consumer’s interaction traceability, in order to reduce cost per acquisition and maximize conversion ratios.
  4. Iklik Analytics: Iklik Analytics show the story behind each video and product interaction in order to discover which buyers have been watching videos and products, how much of each video they’ve watched, and which videos are providing the most value to the product placement campaigns.
  5. Iklik Insights: In terms of product placement campaign analysis, Iklik Video Player and Iklik Mobile Apps track how each viewer watches and interacts with each video and product, second by second, to give the best insight into how your video campaigns are performing by integrating Iklik Insights with third-party’s Data Analytics sources.
  6. Iklik SDK: Iklik delivers a set of APIs to easily synchronize product information and automate the checkout process without leaving Iklik Video Player or Iklik Mobile Apps by facilitating integration with customer’s eCommerce platforms and Payment Gateways, as well as serving consumer’s interactions for leads management and data analytics purposes.

Iklik solves Lifestyle sector problems related to the lack of trust and transparency between all the parties along the product placement supply chain avoiding the lack of quality control, security and financial transparency using disruptive technologies that are digitally transforming the industry and the global economy.

  1. Video Interactive: Iklik makes it easy to integrate interactive smart videos into websites and applications by automating the entire process—from uploading videos in any format, real-time transcoding, and on-the-fly manipulations to adaptive bitrate streaming, global delivery across every device and channel, and analytics.
  2. Big Data: Iklik uses Big Data techniques to capture, store, analyze, curate, search, share, transfer, visualize, query and update all interactions from consumers integrating data from videos, products, product placement campaigns, hotspots and consumers for historical and predictive analysis purposes.
  3. Blockchain: Iklik leverages the power of Blockchain technology to trace all information related to video-based product placement supply chain, guaranteeing a transparent and efficient multi-party conciliation processes with a distributed shared ledger of transactions with consensus between all the parties in origin.
  4. Machine Learning (ML/AI): Machine Learning technology allows Iklik defining a set of algorithms that train over the consumer’s interactions data ingested on Iklik’s Big Data to define consumer’s profiles, recommendations and predictive behaviour in order to improve next consumer experience and optimize product placement campaigns.
  5. Analytical Model: Iklik platform tracks consumer’s video interactions making it easy to sort all data within the Iklik’s Analytical Data Model, to send this data to customer’s analytics platforms and marketing automation tools in order to score leads, measure assisted conversion and track playback by groups of consumers.

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